What is “The One”?

‘‘The One’’ is a stand-alone website, provided by Base 8 Innovations, that we feel provides small businesses, sole traders and anyone else looking to have a cost effective online presence quickly, with expert support and guidance.

What does The One include?

‘‘The One’’ has some specific products included within the cost package. These include:

  • A one page website that provides all your business information professionally and effectively to your prospective clients
  • One year’s free hosting for the 1st 12 months – This is then charged annually.
  • 1 hour’s consultancy advice to help design and develop your website
  • One experienced web developer appointed to build your website with you, so you don’t need to. We will build to your design specifications.
  • Domain name purchase – Up to the value of £25
Is The One right for me?

If you need a simple, modern, cost effective website that allows you to market your businesses products and/or services, then we feel this is a fabulous product for you. This product can also grow with you, should you ever feel the need to develop further in the future. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and we will create your site with this in mind. ‘The One’ isn’t merely a cookie cutter template, but rather a framework containing the basic elements upon which we build an individual site tailored to your needs.

How much does The One cost?

‘‘The One’’ has a one-off set fee of £799 (Plus VAT) which includes all the detail identified above. There are no other hidden costs. The only ongoing fee is for your hosting, which is currently charged at £99 p.a (plus VAT) which would be charged at the end of your first year. You should also consider that there will be a renewal charge for your domain name depending on where you have purchased this.

If I'm getting expert help how do you keep the price so competitive

Although you’ll get our expert help to make ‘The One’ your own , ‘The One;’ isn’t a bespoke website. The price of £499 includes the elements listed in the product specs, If you require any further options let us know and we’ll be happy to quote for you.

How do I get started?

If you feel ‘The One’ is the right product for you, then simply go to the BUY NOW link on the website and follow the easy steps. Once that’s completed you will receive a pack explaining the process and one of our team will call you to discuss the next steps in more detail. We understand that creating a website takes time and everyone’s schedule is different but rest assured we will get your site live as quickly as we can.  If you’re not ready to launch, we will keep your site private until you want to publish it.

Do I have to build the website myself?

No – This is one of the key selling points for us. We don’t want to assume everyone knows how to build websites, so we will do it for you and with you. You tell us how you want it to look (colours, word content, photos etc) and we will do the actual build work for you.

How long will it take for my site to be live?

Once we have had the consultation call with you, we will agree a time line that works for you. We would hope that, depending on receiving what we need the very latest we can deliver is within one week, but know it could be completed sooner if needed.

How is this different from other online website builders? e.g. GoDaddy

There are a few areas we believe we offer a slightly different service to other website developers, with our most important and valuable service being that we value your relationship with us. We want to get to know you, your business and your aspirations, so we can help you grow your business and the website together.


  • other website providers tend to leave the customer to build the website themselves, assuming they are competent and capable to do so. We will do the build, working with you directly to agree the look and feel.
  • We don’t have hidden costs that you only get to know about during the application or monthly costs to maintain the site
  • We have an UK based team who are on hand to support you with any questions, queries or support you may need.
Do I need to have experience in building websites?

No – as previously mentioned, we are looking to you to provide content, look and feel and we will provide our knowledge and expertise to make your website the best it can be.

What other services do you offer if I needed some support?

Base 8 Innovation can support you and your business in many ways, above and beyond ‘The One’ including:

  • Logo Creation – If you do not yet have your own logo design, our graphic design team are on hand to support you. They will produce a number of ideas and allow you to decide which you prefer
  • Brochure Production – We can produce sales and marketing booklets to help you sell your products and services to your client
  • Video Production – Base 8 have a video team that can support you in producing animated or standard videos which can be placed on your website, or use internally or externally with colleagues or customers
Who are your experts?

We have a team of developers with years of knowledge and experience of building websites.

What If I want to be to sell products online?

“‘The One’” does not enable you to sell products, however if you wish to sell online, contact us and we can discuss alternative options that we hope will satisfy your needs. We have a great deal of experience in producing E-commerce sites so please contact us at enquiries@base8innovations.com

Have specific questions?

If you want to talk to us about your website requirements, please send an email to enquiries@base8innovations.com.

What's the Catch?

There isn’t one. If you’re looking for an economical website option, with a personal expert touch. We provide this by focusing our expertise only on the esssential elements included in the package. If you require any further options let us know and we’ll be happy to quote for you!

What if I want more than one page?

The One has the capability for you to add your own extra pages, alternatively we can assist you in doing this and will be happy to provide you a quote depending on your requirements.